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B2B Copywriting

Why do you need a persuasive copy?

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Your words reflect your commitment

Are you a doer or a dreamer? Is your small business achieving the goals you dream about every night? Your target audience loves doers because they’re committed. If you’re a dreamer with a plan, our B2B sales copy can make your audience love you!


Your audience craves conviction

Does your product fly off the shelves? One element prevents thousands of people to buy your product. This element can turn your small business with low profits into a skyrocketing full-time income stream. It’s persuasion. Your audience is ready to buy your product. You need the right words to trigger them. Our B2B copywriting service can assist you to do that!

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Easily hit your first six-figures

How many more leads do you need to get your small business into six-figures? Is this number increasing day by day? Are your sales dropping rapidly? To be on this wavelength sucks. We feel your pain, our B2B copywriting service can help you generate high-income leads. You’ll soon join the six-figures club with our help!

Competitor Apocalypse

Destroy them word by word

Repetitive lead generation

Is your website generating fresh clients that provide whooping business opportunities? How do you plan to achieve that? We’re here to help!

Strategic Content marketing

Is your business struggling through low ad interaction? Is your ad budget collapsing without giving you great results? We know what to do!

Redefine Online Presence

Is your brand providing value to your audience? Are you educating your clients with valuable insights that can help them flourish? We have your back!


What My Clients Say?


Randy Marks

CEO Camelot Music

Excellent writers! Their work is always exactly as I want it. I’m particularly impressed with the quick revisions as per instructions. I recommend Hackiva to everyone who wants highly skilled copywriters for their business!


Rachelle Faison

Sr. Editor Magna Design

It was a good experience working with Hackiva. Probably the best copywriters I’ve ever come across. Will go for a repeat hire for sure. Hope to have a good lasting relationship for future business needs!


Pablo Chamorro

CEO 9Best

I have really appreciated finding Hackiva out. The team always writes to persuade users and make them identifying on each word. I run several affiliates websites and Hackiva is part of my success.

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