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Freshly baked and ready to serve

We are Hackiva!

Established back in 2019, Hackiva is led by a duo who are passionate about helping you get superb content writing services that you most definitely need. We’re super ready to give your product that little push to help you top the market right now!
Ready to turn into a business giant this instant? We’ve got your back!
With over 5 years of experience and 100+ satisfied clients, Hackiva is the dream team you need to boost your sales.

So, what do you want from us?

A gorgeous copy that not only spikes up your conversion rate but also helps the client remember you?
A diligent copywriter who is professional and a charm to interact with?
PLUS someone who also surfs their day and night into crafting the perfect copy for you?
And finally, amazing content right on time with all rights reserved to you?

If we’ve perfectly summarized all that you require from us then what are you waiting for? Hit that contact button now!
…and if we’ve missed a point then please forgive us and do guide us because we’re amazing at following guidelines!

You’ve got an idea but you can’t seem to word it properly? Or maybe your current content is a bit too plain to generate any useful traffic? We understand how it feels, and man do we have the right spices for you! Once we’re done with your content, you’ll get all the traffic you oh-so crave. 
Still a little confused? Can’t make up your mind? Well, that’s where our blog comes in! Go ahead and check our writing out, we assure you that it’s EXACTLY what you need! 

Give us your trust and we’ll give you excellent content, it’s that simple.

We Put our profile first

Meet Our Team

CEO & Co-founder

3+ years as an expert B2B copywriter

Hello there, I’m Immad Amir. It’s an honor to have you here!

I take pride in my work as a freelance B2B copywriter. For over 3 years I’ve written persuasive copy for small business owners that assisted their business to destroy their competitors. My engaging writing style is feature and benefit-rich that compels the audience to act. Over my experience as a B2B copywriter, I’ve collaborated with dozens of websites, blogs, magazines, and companies to boost their brand recognition. When I’m at work, my clients can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while I take charge of promoting their business organically. Do you want to change your business dynamics? Let me know!

My Expertise
B2B Copywriting 86%
Technical SEO 90%
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COO & Co-Founder

2+ years as an expert B2B copywriter

Hi, I'm Amna Muqeem. Let's get down to business!

Crafting gorgeous sales copies is what I do and I’ve been mastering this art for over 2 whole years! My job is to please my clients, like you, with copies packed with compelling content that generates organic traffic. I’ve aided a number of small businesses with my writing skills that have done super well over the time. I’d say that my engaging, fun-to-read writing style is what keeps the audience hooked!
Apart from writing, I practice on-page SEO to help your content rank better according to google’s search algorithm. All I want from you is to sit back and relax while I get to work and present to you this perfect sales copy that you’ve always dreamt of!
Want my quirky engaging writing? Contact us now!

My Expertise
B2B Copywriting 84%
On-Page SEO 87%

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