Revision & Refund Policy


Your satisfaction is our key concern

You, Your, The client: Refers to the buyer
Us, Our, We: Refers to the seller, Hackiva

We, at Hackiva, try our level best to provide you content that perfectly meets your expectations and guidelines. But, at times, it requires a few edits and revisions to get that perfect content that you’ve pictured in your mind. It is our sworn duty to provide you that amazing copy!

We’re bound to revise the content for your satisfaction. You may ask for a revision within 72 hours of the submission, otherwise, the order will be assumed as complete. Pertaining to this time period, we shall provide unlimited revisions in the following cases:

  • The client’s guidelines haven’t been followed properly, for example; usage of wrong tone and voice, no exclusion of certain specified things, or inclusion of certain keywords that were mentioned and agreed on beforehand.
  • The content isn’t fully original excluding the usage of quotes, facts, references, and any other data that is to be incorporated word-to-word from its corresponding source.
  • The content doesn’t follow the kind of writing style in the samples that you provided to us within the initial requirements stage.

However, the content will not be revised in the following cases:

  • The client requires a revision that is different from the requirements given earlier.
  • New guidelines were added by the client that require major changes in the content after the submission of the final copy.
  • After the 72-hours feedback period, we will assume that you have accepted the order and we will not cater to any revision requests.


We try our utmost best to please you

We have a 100% money-back guarantee unless stated otherwise. It must be kept in mind that once the amount has been returned, the client will not hold any rights over the content we wrote, therefore it shall not be published or reproduced. Our money-back policy will be observed if either of the following situations occurs:

  • The content wasn’t submitted on time and no prior indication of the delay was made from our side.
  • If the order needs to be canceled before the deadline, the client needs to inform us 72 hours prior to the submission date. In this case, only 50% of the deposited amount will be refunded.

We do not offer a refund if any of the following cases occur:

  • The client wants a refund after the order completion (i.e. 72 hours after the submission).
  • The client wants a refund without any specific reason.
  • There will be no refund if the client does not require the content anymore (in the case that the submission has been made or the 3-days-prior-to-submission-date period is over).
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